Remember that Snack & Learn with The Sustainability Alliance last month at GRC Park? If you missed it, here’s a glimpse into how we kicked off our month-long recycling drive with insightful tips and delicious refreshments!

Knowledge Shared, Waste Reduced:

    • Corey Williams, Executive Director of The Sustainability Alliance, and his team offered expert advice on living more sustainably, both at home and in the office.
    • We learned about simple ways to reduce waste, make eco-friendly choices, and participate in the upcoming recycling drive.
    • The Frisco team joined virtually, ensuring everyone at CCK could benefit from the session.

From Insights to Action:

    • The lunch and learn fueled our enthusiasm for the recycling drive, which runs throughout December.
    • We proudly filled bins with paper, aluminum cans, plastic, and cardboard, making a tangible impact on our environmental footprint.

    The Impact Continues:

      • Our goal is diverting a significant amount of waste from landfills thanks to everyone’s participation.
      • This successful first step motivates us to continue exploring ways to incorporate sustainability into our daily lives and work practices.

    Looking Ahead:

      • We’re grateful to The Sustainability Alliance for their partnership and informative session.
      • This event sparked a wave of eco-consciousness at CCK and GRC Park, and we’re excited to build on this momentum in the future.

    Stay tuned for more initiatives and opportunities to contribute to a greener future!