While many companies throw holiday parties this time of year, CCK Strategies has a different approach to the tradition. Instead of the usual festivities, they use the opportunity to give back to the community. Every year, CCK chooses a charitable organization to donate their time and services to, turning their company-holiday celebration into a company-holiday day of service.

This year’s CCK Service Day has truly won the hearts of employees. Both the Tulsa and Frisco offices turned out in large numbers, eager to make a difference. As Partner Caleb Caldwell, CPA says, “CCK Day of Service is meaningful to me for many reasons. Growing up using resources so similar to the Foodbank and Feed My Starving Children makes these organizations particularly close to my heart. There are A LOT of really good humans in the world who just need a little help to turn the page. CCK emphasizing the importance of giving back in this way is a great opportunity for us all to provide some of that help.”

Tulsa employees had the honor to being the first group to serve in the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma’s new volunteer center. With dedication and teamwork, they filled bags with snacks for children’s backpacks and boxes of food for families, packing a total of 32,820 pounds of food for distribution throughout the community.

Meanwhile, the Frisco office put their energy into serving at Feed My Starving Children. Packing 118 boxes of food, they contributed to providing 25,488 meals for those in need around the globe. “CCK definitely has a different way to approach Holiday Service Day,” HR Generalist Prasli Mathew said, “and I’m grateful I can be a part of it with the best team.”

The impact of CCK’s service day extends far beyond the impressive numbers of meals and pounds of food packed. It’s about the spirit of shared giving, the joy of working together towards a common goal, and the satisfaction of knowing that each individual’s contribution has made a real difference in the lives of others.

Senior Tax Manager Sara Mays, CPA said it best, “CCK is so generous to us throughout the year, and I’m so appreciative that instead of spending their dollars on a party to celebrate ‘us,’ that we give back to the community – and do it together – just like we do it together every working day.”

CKK Strategies’ commitment to giving back during the holiday season is an inspiring example of how a company can turn tradition into a force for good. By choosing service over celebration, they’ve created a meaningful experience for their employees and made a lasting impact on their community.