After working several years in financial services in New York, Aaron Spoon returned to Tulsa and became a tax analyst at CCK Strategies, a CPA firm where he was recently named a partner.

1. Congratulations on being named partner. How does that change your responsibilities at CCK Strategies?

Thank you! My day-to-day responsibilities really won’t change that much; however, as a partner you have a responsibility to take a big-picture view of the firm, staff, clients and industry. A partner should be thinking about the future of CCK, how we will continue to be innovative, grow outstanding people within the firm, and provide new and exciting opportunities for our clients.

2. What is your favorite part of the job?

Helping entrepreneurial business owners achieve success is my favorite part of the job. Taking care of people drives me to grow and doggedly search for opportunities to make a positive impact.

“Nontraditional” best describes CCK’s philosophy and approach, which fits me very well. At the end of the day this is about people, not numbers and tax forms.

3. How did you get into public accounting?

I never intended on working in public accounting. After graduating from OU, my wife and I moved to New York. About five years later we were preparing to have our daughter, Rory, and decided that Tulsa was the best place to start our family. I was working for a financial services company at the time and wasn’t having much luck finding a comparable position in Tulsa.

Having known John Curzon — one of the founding partners — for many years (I interned with CCK in 2002.) — John graciously agreed to meet with me while we were visiting family over Christmas break regarding career prospects. He told me he would be happy to help but that I should just come work at CCK.

I didn’t think much of it until they sent me an offer letter a few weeks later. At that point I really needed a job to support my family in Tulsa, but now here I am six years later and I can’t imagine not being at CCK.

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